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The Heroes of Tomorrow is a FIRST © Robotics Team located in southeastern Michigan. Students from Huron Valley Schools three high schools work with mentors with similar interests from the General Motors Proving Ground and Huron Valley Schools. The HOT Team’s mission is to inspire students’ interest in science and technology. The HOT Team earned the FIRST Chairman’s Award in 2005. With this award, the HOT Team became a member of the FIRST Hall of Fame. 

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The Heroes of Tomorrow robotics team is very active this summer bettering our community. Students and mentors are working together to complete all sorts of community service whether it be helping the environment or teaching the next generation of STEM students what we are all about. Already this summer the HOT team members have made an impact on the community by cleaning up trash from a local highway and will later clean up a local river. As incoming freshman, middle grades, soon to be seniors, and mentors, all members of the HOT team are at very different places with our STEM experience. We all come together through community service to make sure our knowledge is shared. The HOT team recently hosted an event for children at the Highland Library where our team members were able to educate our community’s youth about what we do and why it is so important. The children built lego structures and circuits with team members and were even able to play catch with a robot from our 2014 season. With many more upcoming events the HOT team is excited to share our enthusiasm for FIRST robotics with the community and better ourselves as a team and individuals. Our team will have a booth at Milford Memories, a local festival to get more involved and hopefully get some future team members interested in what we do. As always the goal of the HOT team is so much more than building robots, it’s about building a better tomorrow.    

     -Alexis Fosmer

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